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We’re Barrhaven’s home cleaning experts! At Never2Clean our goal is to provide a fully customizable cleaning plan, created to fit your needs.

Our promise…
“We will exceed your expectations.”

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All of our residential home cleaning services begin by developing a customized home cleaning plan to ensure we get it right the first time. Our promise is that we will exceed your expectations.



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Meet Your Regional Partner

Stephanie Beck is happily married to her husband Kelly and a busy mother of 2.

If her last name sounds familiar- it should, she has been making sure everyone in Barrhaven/ Ottawa South have clean teeth, Stephanie is now looking forward to making sure your house is well tended too

With her keen eye for details- you know you will be well served.

Please don’t be shocked if she randomly asks you how often you floss- after all she was a dental hygienist for almost 20 years and old habits are hard to break!

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Answers to Your Questions

What do I need to do or have before a cleaning?

Really nothing, we will bring all required equipment and products, most of our clients take the opportunity to tidy up, and organize their papers, I really big help for us it to make sure the kitchen sink is empty and the countertops and minimized.

We are renovating our kitchen/ house, Do you do post renovation cleanings?

Absolutely, we work with most of Ottawa’s top renovators and builders, we have done post construction cleanings for 300 room hotels, a 288 room retirement homes or at the other end of the spectrum a 100 squares foot kitchen update. don’t worry, we have you covered!

What other services do you offer?

We pride ourselves on our high quality residential cleaning, and don’t deviate from that, however have partnered up with only the best Window Cleaning Company, Air Duct cleaning company, Carpet / upholstery Cleaning Company and Handy Man services, all at large volume discount or freebees for our clients.

Are all your staff bondable?

100% inside our insurance policy we hold a janitorial bond for all our staff. And we have taken that to the next level with the highest level of security clearance allowed by law.

How does payment work?

Our preferred method of payment is credit card (VISA & MasterCard), however cash, cheque and e-mail fund transfer are also options, but credit card is preferred.

Can I reschedule?

Absolutely. We understand that even the best plans need to be changed. With sick kids at home, today might not be the best day for you, we will work with you to find another suitable time. We always try our best to be flexibility.

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